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Our team

Marcelo Rosenthal

Socio-administrator. Specialist and Master in Procedural Law. Professor of Law. Delivered several lectures and workshops in universities, educational institutions, conferences and seminars of law. About one hundred publications and columns in newspapers of national circulation of law. Real Estate Business Magazine columnist. Former Regional Delegate of the Union of Lawyers of the State of São Paulo. Founder and former Director of the Association of Labor Lawyers of Piracicaba. Founder of the OAB Goes to School in the city of Piracicaba. The supervisor and examiner of several monographs in the law graduate course. Ex-examiner and exams reviser for admission of lawyers within the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil. Judge of the Court of Ethics and Disciplinary of OAB. Former Special Adviser of the Regional Center of Privileges of the OAB. Elected Lawyer of the Year 2008 by the 8th Subsection of the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil. Holder of Chair of the Writers' Club of Piracicaba. Entrepreneur. Fluent English and Spanish.

Bianca Teresa de Oliveira Rosenthal

Partner Title on Labor Law. Several courses, seminars and lectures. She delivered courses, lectures and workshops in universities of law. Former businesswoman. Fluent in Spanish. Several written and published legal articles and several lectures given to companies, trade and industrial associations.

Camila Neves Martins Brandt

Partner Postgraduate student in Law of Contracts by IICS – Instituto Internacional de Ciências Sociais – Centro de Extensão Universitária Dr. Ives Gandra da Silva Martins. Two years as a trainee at Marcelo Rosenthal Advogados Associados firm and in the Federal Court of Piracicaba. Experience in business area. She made several update courses.

Francisco Cassoli Jorras

Partner Civil Law and Consumer Law Course by the Escola Superior de Advocacia - ESA / OABSP. Update Course at the Instituto de Ensino Luis Flávio Gomes. Postgraduate student in Contract Law by IICS - Instituto Internacional de Ciências Sociais (São Paulo).

Leandro Dondone Berto

Partner Specialist in Business Law at INPG – Instituto Nacional de Pós-Graduação and Universidade Castelo Branco (Campinas). Postgraduate student in Contract Law by IICS - Instituto Internacional de Ciências Sociais (São Paulo). Trainee in the 2ª Vara Federal da Justiça Federal de Piracicaba, 2ª Vara do Trabalho da Justiça do Trabalho de Piracicaba and Departamento de Assuntos Jurídicos, Governamentais e Institucionais (Divisão Jurídico-Fiscal) of Caterpillar Brazil Ltda. Caterpillar's representative at the Câmara Americana de Comércio - AMCHAM. Specialist in foreign investments registration in module RDE-IED from SISBACEN and implantation of Sistema de Gestão Ambiental - SGA - to obtain ISSO-14001 Certificate. Fluent Spanish.

Luiz Carlos Cabral Marques

Partner Specialist in Tax Law by IBET – Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos Tributários (SP). University Extension Course in Tax Law from Fundação Getúlio Vargas - EAESP - GVPec / GVLaw. Postgraduate on Labor Law by IICS - Instituto Internacional de Ciências Sociais (SP). Additional course in the CPC Marcato Cursos Jurídicos in the areas of Civil Procedure and Labor Law. Participation in several courses, Conferences and Legal Meetings. Fluent English and Spanish

Ana Claudia Soares Orsini

Associated Specialist in Civil Law and Labor Law. Graduate student in Labor Law, Labor and Social Security Case. Intermediate English.

Ana Julia Moraes Avansi

Associated Postgraduate in Labor Law and Labor Procedure. Professor of Social Security Law and Research Methodology in postgraduation courses and courses in preparation for legal careers in Unidades Êxito Proordem. Professor of Social Security Law in postgraduation courses in Faculdades Arthur Thomas, Grupo Atame-Cuiabá, Goiânia and Brasília, Instituto INFOC. Professor at Escola Superior de Advocacia of OAB. She delivered several courses and lectures.

Celita Rosenthal

Associated Postgraduated in Civil Law from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP). Course on the New Civil Code - Escola Superior de Advocacia – ESA from the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil. Participation in various conferences and meetings law. Fluent in English.

Cínthia Andriota Correa

Associate Graduated from the Methodist University of Piracicaba. Spanish and basic French. Fluent English.

Thiago Zampieri de Oliveira

Full Member Graduated from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Internship with the Public Prosecution Service of the State of São Paulo and judgment of the 2nd family and succession branch of Piracicaba.

Thales Ventura Bardini

Associate Graduated in Law from the Methodist University of Piracicaba. Ex-trader. Several refresher courses. Intermediary English. Computer Technician. Legal status with REJUR / CEF

Contamos, ainda, com:

Other staff attorneys and several correspondents around the country Trainees and paralegals that perform studies and investigations on public agencies Technical assistants in the areas of tax, real estate, medical, environmental and accounting Partners in real estate marketing, strategic business planning and accounting Qualified management team

Mariana Miori Angelelli

Associada Bacharel em Direito pela Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV. Pós-graduada strictu sensu em Contratos Empresariais pela Fundação Getúlio Vargas – SP. Participação em vários cursos de extensão e congressos. Inglês fluente.

Jéssica Moraes Dias

Associada Graduada pela Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. Estágio junto ao Ministério Público Estadual, Gabinete da 1ª vara federal de Piracicaba e Raízen Energia S/A.

Melina Capotosto Valério Barbosa

Associated Graduated in Law from the Methodist University of Piracicaba. Graduated in Business Administration from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo - PUC / SP. Experience in industries and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Intermediary English.

Felipe Ferraz Arbex

Associated Graduated from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Post-graduation in Labor and Labor Process from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo - PUC / SP. Post-graduation in Labor Law and Social Security by Fundação Getúlio Vargas - FGV / SP. Extension Course in Sports Law from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. English and Spanish advanced level.